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  • How can Users Select the Ideal Wood Pellet Mill?

    12 16, 2014

    On today’s market for wood pellet mills, there have been countless brands and types of machines for customers to choose. Among so many wood pellet machines, how can users select the ideal one all by themselves?

  • Fote Designs Three Types of Biomass Briquette Machines

    12 16, 2014

    Through many years’ trial and error, Fote Machinery has created a complete series of biomass briquette machines like charcoal briquetting machine with a lot of features.

  • Hammer Crusher Represents an Exciting and Convenient Vehicle

    12 16, 2014

    Since the establishment of Fote Machinery, our development philosophy has always been “energy saving, sanitation, high efficiency”. As for our product wood chipper shredder, we have constantly upgraded the crusher and earned a number of national patents and the shredder performance has reached the international advanced level.

  • Cotton Stalks Pellet Mill Has Been Popular Abroad

    12 15, 2014

    It features high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, and reliability. Now our machine has been popular at home and abroad.

  • New Way To Clean Up The Straw Pellet Mill

    12 15, 2014

    In order to solve these problems, Fote has summarized a set of simple and effective cleaning methods combining long experience of other farm machineries and oil adhesion features.

  • Pellet Mill of Great Economic and Social Benefits

    12 13, 2014

    Fote machinery equipment of melon seeds shell pellet machine combined with the advantages of flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet mill, which the sunflower seeds hull pellet mill itself to achieve high yield and high efficiency.

  • Fote Rice Hulls Pellet Mill Get Essence From Advanced Technology

    12 13, 2014

    The rice hulls pellet mill features unique design, reasonable structure, refined parts, long lifespan and ease of maintenance. Careful researches, it is China's first patented product and the unique design make it the leading level in these products.

  • New Type of Wood Hammer Mill Emerges

    12 12, 2014

    In order to meet market new demand, the new wood hammer mill (also called wood crusher) emerges. A batch of old wood hammer mills have been eliminated over time, and the new type of wood hammer mill has gradually emerged.

  • Impressive Performance of Fote Straw Pellet Mill

    12 12, 2014

    Fote pellet mill with features of simple operation, high automation and low labor consumption has completely met the market demand by overcoming many traditional disadvantages.

  • Wood Pellet Mill Adopts International Advanced Technology

    12 11, 2014

    Our Fote wood pellet mill adopts international advanced manufacturing technology. They are tailored to a variety of high-quality molds for all kinds materials.

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