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New Way To Clean Up The Straw Pellet Mill

straw pellet mill

Straw pellet mill has become many customers’ top investment with many advantages such as energy efficiency and environmental protection. In our country, in order to encourage the promotion of straw pellet mill, the government provides subsidy to straw pellet mill as tractors and harvesters. So we can provide you with the most preferential price. You can pellet the affordable and inexhaustible materials into high-quality biomass granule fuel and become an expert investor achieving beneficial results of economy and society.

For a long time we have received complaints about the cleanliness. It is very troublesome to clean the straw pellet mill. On the other hand, it is impossible to clean up the grease stains in the crevices. In order to solve these problems, Fote has summarized a set of simple and effective cleaning methods combining long experience of other farm machineries and oil adhesion features. The methods not only apply to straw pellet mills but also apply to other farm machineries. We hope we can provide more professional guidance to many users.

Generally, we use tools to shovel out the thick oil and then to clean up with cleaning rags. This is the most common method we used before, which takes lots of time and effort and wastes engine oil. Our cleaning methods reduce time and effort, save fuel, and improve working efficiency. The definite means are as follows: use a small amount of loess, and make into the mud with water; give a simply clean up on the place where there is oil stain; then smear mud on the oil stains, more oil stains, more mud. When the mud is dried and oil stains will be trapped in mud. If there are still mud residues on the machine surface, just use water to wash out. If oil can’t be cleaned up for one time, do it again.

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