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Woodchips Dryer
Woodchips Dryer

Woodchips Dryer

Evaporate capacity: 0.2-0.4t/h

Total length: 11.8-14.6m

Total weight: 2.2-3.2t

Application range: feed, chemicals, mining and other industries.

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1. Brief introduction to woodchips dryer

Woodchips dryer is also named as sawdust dryer and wood shavings dryer, and the advantage of the woodchips dryer is direct drying, fast drying, folding installation and saving space. Woodchips dryer is widely applied in feed, chemicals, mining and other industries.

2. Features of sawdust dryer

1 High drying intensity: Due to the high air velocity, the material is uniformly dispersed in the gas stream, therefore, greatly increasing the effective drying area;

2 High thermal efficiency: Materials flow with the hot stream, both materials and air temperatures can always in the reasonable state;

3 Short drying time: The contracting time is very short, generally from 0.5 to 5 seconds, which will not cause overheating or decomposing and affect drying quality of heat-sensitive material with low melting point.

Woodchips Dryer

3. Unique advantages of wood shavings dryer

1 Wide application rage, high yield;

2 Simple structure, less occupied area;

3 Low investment and maintenance cost.

4. Analysis on economic benefit

The woodchips dryer is the ideal equipment for drying straw, sawdust, bark and other heat-sensitive materials with its high drying intensity, short drying time, low energy consumption and easy operating. You can use the minimum investment to achieve maximum economic benefits in a very short time.

Model & Technical Parameter of Woodchips Dryer:

Model QHJ-1 QHJ-2
Dimension of Stove(m) 1.1*1.0*1.0 1.5*1.2*1.2
Dia of Pipe(mm) 219 325
Dia of Cyclone(mm) 600 1000
Dia of Small Buffer Silo(mm) - 636
Dia of Big Buffer Silo(mm) 580 950
Induced Draft Fan(kw) 5.5-7.5 11-15
Screw Feeder Motor(kw) 1.5 1.5
Total Length(m) 11.8 14.6
Total Weight(t) 2.2 3.2
Evaporate Capacity(t/h) 0.2-0.3 0.3-0.4

Note: Fote Heavy Machinery reserves the right to change the technical parameters without notice.

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