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How can Users Select the Ideal Wood Pellet Mill?

On today’s market for wood pellet mills, there have been countless brands and types of machines for customers to choose. Among so many wood pellet machines, how can users select the ideal one all by themselves? Here professionals from Fote Machinery will give you some helpful advice.

First, customers should pay attention to the importance of bearings of the pellet mill. Generally, the wood pellet mill or the wood granulation machine will work with high strength for about 24 hours with non-stop, which raises a strict requirement for the bearing quality. When buying the pellet machine, customers had better ask the manufacturers and suppliers for more information of the bearings. We should be careful not to buy the products adopting poor quality or refurnishing bearings.

Second, it’s obvious that the performance of the motor which acts as the core power has direct influence on the production of the wood pellet mill. Both single motor and double motor machines can do well in the production. We have to admit that the double motor wood pellet machine is more advanced because it is more power saving, balanced and productive, and of course it’s much more expensive.

Third, when customers choose to have a field visit to the manufacturing factory, they tend to watch the live testing and operating of the wood pellet machine. Customers should complete the whole demonstration in case that some suppliers practice a fraud.

Last, good products depend on good service. When selecting the wood pellet mill, customers should also bear the after-sale service quality in mind.

With the above four tips, customers are sure to purchase the perfect equipment for themselves. For more information of Fote wood pellet mills, please visit our official website:

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