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Solution to the Problems of Biomass Briquette Machines

The biomass briquette machine or the charcoal briquette machine has won the world’s appraise since its appearance on the market. It will meet a bright future on the markets at home and abroad because of its green and high efficiency features.

However, when using the biomass briquette machine, users will be confronted with the pellet cracks problem more or less. What can we do once the vertical cracks happen to our ring die wood pellet machine? This has been an urgent question for all pellet mill users.

Today the experts from Fote Heavy Machinery will offer several effective solutions to customers, and with these methods, users will never worry about the pellet cracks problem in the production of the biomass briquette machine.

On one hand, when many cracks appear on the external surface of the pellet fuels made by the wood pellet mill own, they are formed because the material powder is too coarse or the material isn’t hard enough. On the other hand, sometimes there will be vertical cracks in the finished pellets. According to Fote experts, the main reason is that the powder raw materials stay too shortly inside the ring die holes.

When the above mentioned case happens, we can take the following steps to solve the crack problem: 1, improve the raw material fineness; 2, add some grease; 3, increase the effective length of the ring die hole; 4, move or change the slide. In this case, users can change the raw material proportion and increase the density, and to extend the effective length of the ring die hole is also useful.

Knowing reasons and solution, customers won’t worry about the production of biomass briquette machine.

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