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How to Achieve Maximum Production of Charcoal Briquette Machines

In the real production, customers find that it’s not easy for the charcoal briquette machine to achieve the highest yield as expected. The main reason is the improper operation and maintenance of the equipment which results in the failed production of unsmooth, soft and fragile pellets.

The charcoal briquette machine, namely the biomass briquette machine, is a new green material processing device used to pelletize all kinds of agriculture wastes into biomass fuel products. The charcoal briquette machine production line can complete hours of continuous work with multiple machines working together. All feeding and discharging processes can be finished automatically, thus saving much labor. As long as we guarantee each single machine can work stably, we can realize the good stability of the whole production.

When operating Fote charcoal briquette machine, we shouldn’t overload it just to realize the maximum yield of a single machine because once overloaded, the pellet machine will be too sensitive to water content and feed diameter. At this time, a tiny difference will cause obvious instability of the equipment, thus increasing the labor input and influencing the normal performance of other sets of machines. Therefore, in the entire pellet mill production line, all loads should be kept in the rated load range. Only in this way can users keep the machine run stably and achieve the highest yield.

Fote Machinery is specialized in manufacturing charcoal briquette machine and many other kinds of pellet machines and briquette machines. Therefore, it’s quite urgent for users to grasp the knowledge of applying and maintaining the charcoal briquette machine, if we want to guarantee the stability and high yield of the product we buy.

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