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Glorious History of Crop Stalks Pellet Machines

Fote Heavy Machinery is one of the most influential pellet machine manufacturers that go our own way of designing and making advanced and high standard crop stalks pellet machines. Renewable and clean, the crop stalks pellets made by Fote equipment are proved to be the mainstream energy in the future fuel market.

The Chinese concept of crop stalks energy started to appear in the end of last century when it has been widespread in foreign countries for a long time. Even in some areas, the crop stalks energy has been marketized and commercialized in large scales.

The crop stalks energy caught the national attention in 2006 when the crop stalks pellet mill or pellet machine was then invented. Since then, the National Energy Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and Chinese Academy of Science all have begun to do research on the crop stalks energy and crop stalks pellet machines, marking a big step our country takes in the crop stalks energy field.

However, the Chinese crop stalks energy industry hasn’t been developing continuously and smoothly because of the changing awareness of people and national policy. Later, when the concept has been popular and widely accepted in the whole nation, it leads to countless emerging of unqualified crop stalks pellet machine manufacturers and enterprises that keeps bragging and exaggerating the function of the machine. Crop stalks pellet machine companies are everywhere in China, but few of them can make and supply high quality equipment.

With constant promotion of the crop stalks energy, we believe that the crop stalks pellet machine will meet a bright future. If you are interested in our equipment and other related services, please leave a message on: We will reply you as soon as possible.

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