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Fote Supplies Green Corn Straw Pellet Mills

The corn straw, also called corn stalk or maize straw, is a kind of crop waste commonly seen everywhere in the harvest season in the countryside. To save much trouble, most peasants tend to burn out all the corn straws directly. However, the combustion of these agriculture wastes lead to serious air pollution.

Even though we don’t burn these corn stalks in order to prevent the environment pollution, we will find it not a good way to pack them casually. So how can we handle these maize straws? And is there an ideal method of making full use of these wastes?

According to experts from Fote Machinery, to pelletize the corn straws with a special kind of equipment into pellet fuel products which can be used in both industries and daily life will be the best solution. For example, Fote corn straw stalk pellet machine can make biomass fuel pellets to replace the traditional fuels like coal and natural gas, which helps to not only realize the waste recycling, but also protect the environment. The biomass fuel made by the maize straw pellet mill is a type of biomass resource that is renewable and green.

The corn straw pellet mill is also a common biomass briquette machine which processes the straws by means of crushing, stirring, mixing and pelletizing into particle products. This series of pellet machines with various types and prices has been welcome on the market because its finished products own accessible raw material source and are green and convenient for transportation and storage.

Among so many pellet mill manufacturers and suppliers, Fote Heavy Machinery is a trust-worthy one with patented machines and technologies. We’d like to offer tailor-made solution to customers all over the world.

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