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Fote Straw Pellet Mill Solves Straw Burning Problem

As the agricultural economy develops fast, it promotes the life level of peasants to a high rank. Traditional energy and fuels like coal, liquefied gas and natural gas have been accepted and applied by most rural families, which leads to the ignorance of straws as a kind of fuel.

Although the government is advocating the idea of “straw returning to the field” among peasants, it still can’t prevent the straw burning phenomenon from happening because the total quantity of the crop straws after the harvest is strikingly large. In most cases, people tend to burn these crop stalks directly with no effort and without considering the air pollution result.

Why the straw burning can’t be stopped is not hard to figure out. The reason lies in the absence of proper solution to the extra crop straws. That leads to our topic here about the straw pellet mill which is also called crop stalks pellet machine sometimes.

Fote Machinery Company is a leading biomass briquette machine and pellet mill manufacturer and supplier in China. Through years’ research experience, our company has made a complete series of straw pellet mills available on the market. Just as its name implies, the straw pellet mill is a green and efficient type of equipment for pressing the crushed biomass materials like all kinds of crop stalks into pellet products which will be mainly used as biomass fuel.

With advantages of high automation degree, high yield, low cost, low energy consumption, simple operation and no pollution, Fote straw pellet mill has won customers’ trust and praise all over the world. The pellet fuels made by our pellet machine are widely applied for industrial boiler in coal forbidden areas of most cities, which not only makes the waste straws valuable, realizes environment protection, but also creates much profit and benefit for peasants.

As the biomass resource becomes popular, it will form a good opportunity for straw pellet mill manufacturers to expand the market and will also change our daily life in a brand new way.

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